Writers Digest 1st Place
I am proud to announce that my poetry book, AFTER BEAUTY, won 1st place in the 20th Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards.


One on one
are kind.
As a group
they’re less
to kindness.
Make them
a nation
and they
will find
a reason
to make war
they’ll define
as essential
to defend
the other


Spontaneous As Love

My father, when he was old, after

he’d remarried and become as happy

as I was ever to see him, walked out with me

one morning to poke around the rural

foothill town he and his wife called home.


It was spring. A small stream, choked

with periwinkle, edged his property.

Admiring the blue of the vinca,

I wished aloud for that same color

in my Berkeley garden.


Without a word, Dad waded in,

pulled up armloads–roots and all–sent me home

with the periwinkle you see here; it blooms

as spontaneous in my city garden

as in any pure-running mountain stream.